Monday, October 16, 2017

Canadian Quarter Sections


I gave my longarm a test run after setting it up and quilted my friend Phyl’s Quarter Section quilt. Glad to say my machine survived the move and I even improved it by turning my wheels over on my Millennium carriage as they were wearing down on the one side.  Quick fix and no need to order new wheels just yet.

Phyl used Northcott’s Oh Canada fabric line and inserted a extra row with panels and embroidery highlighting Canada’s 150th Birthday.   I love seen how others adapt our patterns and put their personal touch on them.   I quilted it with the Maple Syrup pantograph, Quilters Dream Blend Batting and beige So Fine thread.



One thing I have notice about this area is that it is very windy so getting outdoor pictures is more of a challenge.   Good thing I had helpers with me!


As you can see Phyl used red Stonehenge for the backing!


I went out for a drive around the neighbourhood and meet some of the neighbours!



We set up our trail camera at the back of our lot and had a good laugh at what we captured the first day!

This guy was quite interested in our camera and was taking a lot of selfies!  We moved the camera back so he can’t keep licking it!

trail2trail3 (2)

   Turns out there are two horses in the field behind our house but they only show up at 6:30 in the morning. Hope to get some daytime pictures soon.

trail1 (2)

I’m very excited that our Highway 10 Designs retreat is coming up this Friday at Fabriculous in Swan River, MB and I get to see all my northern friends again who I miss very much! 

Monday, October 9, 2017

Poolside Tote


I spent an afternoon this week making the Poolside Tote. I had purchased the pattern and fabric last year at Fabriculous and thought it would be the perfect project to get back into sewing.   The pattern is by Noodlehead and the fabrics are Lewis&Irene’s “Threaded with Love” and “Grandma’s Garden” which is the fabric with the tiny gnomes, so cute!  I used Annie’s Soft and Stable instead of batting and it give the bag a lot of shape, very happy with that product.  As I was taking these pictures along the back of our property I noticed there were two horses in the field out back. I hope to be able to get a few pictures of them when they wander down to our end. 



This week Tim made two batting holders for my batting rolls as I wanted them to stand vertical in the two corners in my room.  I got the idea from Pinterest but the holders I saw were made with a 1x1 as a center post which was just held onto the base with one screw, not very sturdy.  So Tim beefed it up using plumbing fixtures. They are made with 1 1/4” galvanized flange and a 18” x 1 1/4” threaded galvanized pipe so is very strong.   Now no worries about it breaking off as I lift the batting on and off it.


Tim also added four more pot lights to my sewing room so it is much brighter!  I bought a folding table and added 12” PVC pipe to the legs for height, a trick I learnt from my guild in Flin Flon, and it makes a great temporary cutting table.  I plan on getting lower kitchen cabinets for this nook which will be my cutting area and storage for my clients quilts. I’ve picked out a nice grey cabinet and hope to order that this week.

cutting table

cutting table2

I found all the boxes with my fabric stash and filled up one cabinet…looks like I have room for more fabric!  Guess I better go shopping!   :)


This was the Thanksgiving long weekend here and my SIL and MIL came for a visit, our first visitors and it was nice to have family here for the holiday.  We drove them around the area and enjoyed the fall colours, and found a lake or two that I hope to explore more of next  year!



Thursday, September 28, 2017

Longarm Set Up!


We have now been in our new home 3 weeks and things are going well.  Boxes all unpacked and now it is time to start on the ‘to-do” list to make this place more finished.  The main level is pretty much done except I need to paint my bedroom as that is the only colour of walls in the house I do not like. But that’s not priority, especially since one of the walls in our bedroom is almost 14’ tall!   I already painted our closet and that was a big enough job with the high wall on one side! 

Living room still needs a rug, blinds and more pictures on the wall but it is cozy and functional.  I’m happy with all the kitchen cupboard space and the island but now my lovely painted table and chairs don’t match this kitchen!


I have my longarm all set up but haven’t had time to use it yet.  It will be nice to walk around both side of the longarm as I had it pushed to one wall in the Shack.


I am going to order some lower cabinets to have in that nook and use it as my cutting station and store clients quilt tops and finished quilts.  I’ll move out the white cabinet that is sitting there and have a counter top and cabinets right across the area.  I keep coming home with new cabinet and counter top samples as I keep changing my mind! 


And here is the messy side which is a dumping ground right now but I think I’ll keep my sewing machine cabinet on that wall.    Hope to have Tim make me an moveable ironing station at some point in the future and keep it along that wall.  But his first job is to add more lights!  There is only two pot lights in that whole space so we have ordered 4 more and he will install them as soon as they arrive!  So we are making progress and hope to get back to sewing soon!


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Unpacking Begins


We are now in Emo, Ontario and got the keys to our new house on Sept 6th.   The moving truck arrived Sept 7th and the unloading day went smoothly with no problems.   I got the boys right to work unpacking the kitchen boxes as they came off the truck and we got that room organized.  Always a challenge to arrange items in kitchen cupboards and when I was stuck on a few areas my oldest son jumped in and solved the problems.   His merchandizing skills from working at a grocery store came in very handy!

Many of you asked about my new view so here it is!  Very different from my last one but I am going to focus on the positive and enjoy the big sky and open spaces. I’m sure it will take a bit of time too not feel so exposed as I was so use to being surrounded by trees.  The country side here is very beautiful with rolling hills, open fields of hay, grazing cattle and even bison close by.  Then 40km north we are back in the Canadian Shield and lakes everywhere which will be fun to explore next year.


I did managed to hang one quilt in the house so far as it was the perfect spot for it in the hallway!


And I was glad that I took the metal quilt blocks that hung on the outside of my Shack and spray painted them white before we left.   They look great on the front of the house.


  My new quilting studio is full of boxes and that will take a while to unpack and organize but it is such a great space!   There are parts to a longarm in there somewhere!


So I’m not sure when I will have something quilty to share next but I just wanted to check in and let you know that the move is going well.  We are all feeling good about our new town and the people here are very friendly and welcoming! 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

One Last Show Before We Go!


I was so happy to view the Northern Lights last night as the nights are finally getting darker and the viewing season is just about to start.  I hope this means it will be a good week of viewing but I’m just so grateful to have had one more evening of running around in my yard in the dark with my camera.     This next picture is one of my favorites from last night as I took it in the spot where we cut down a large tree this spring and it created a window to the sky!

aurora2 (2)


The picture above and below are looking straight up!


Here are the lights over my house!


Looking across our bay as the clouds move off into the distance.


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Guild Round Robin 2014


This quilt has a great story, it was our quilt guilds 2014 Round Robin project.  We each made a center block and it was then passed around each month with a new set of instructions for others to build onto it.   I had the quilt top sitting in my studio for a long time and even loaded it on my longarm once but then took it off as I had no clue how to quilt it.   Then an opportunity came along that seemed to be the perfect solution.  My friend Lori, who is a longarm quilter and my Highway 10 Designs partner, owed me a favor!  I thought it would be nice to have something quilted by her so asked if she was up to the challenge. She agreed and I said ‘no rush’ as I wanted her to enjoy quilting it.  She had it at her place for about a year and then when she found out I was moving thought it would be nice for me to have it to show at my last guild meeting so it arrived quilted a few weeks ago!  I was so thrilled with how she quilted it, the ruler work in the center, the Nemeshing around the Celtic applique, it was perfect!  And best of all I have a sample of her work on one of my quilts!


I added the binding last week and then brought it to my last guild meeting yesterday for Show and Tell.   I have been a member of our guild for 19 years and was one of the founding members so it was very hard to say goodbye to this group of amazing ladies.  At our July meeting they had a Going Away party for me with a potluck supper and special Show and Tell  where all the members shared either stories, quilts I quilted for them or of how I have helped or inspired them over the years.   It was very emotional for me as these are the  ladies that trusted me with quilting their quilts long before I had my longarm and was still learning.  They are the reason I have developed my skills over the years and why I bought a longarm.  I will miss them so much but I know I will see many of them again at Retreats, Quilt Shows and I might even drive the 1,200km back to go to their Quilt Show next year.


Now back to more pictures of Lori’s fabulous quilting! 



My next challenge with the move is hoping that I can register my business name in Ontario as I have to cancel my Manitoba business registration.  So far everything is going very well with the move and we even get to move into our new house sooner than first planned.  Our new move in date is Sept 6 so we are thrilled with that change as it was originally Oct 2.  This weekend I take down my longarm, I have been procrastinating doing this job but it has to be done.  At least now I can set it up again sooner!


Friday, August 4, 2017

Viking Quilt


I have been finding a bit of time for my own quilting projects between all this moving business and started a quilt for my sister who turned 50 this year.  The pattern is called Islendingadagurinn by Fabriculous.which is a quilt shop in Gimli, Manitoba.  I loved this quilt the first moment I saw it in their shop window and knew it would be perfect for my sister so I bought the kit.  I showed her the quilt top yesterday and she loved it!  But it might be awhile before she gets the finished quilt!


You may have noticed the blank block in the center!  That is for a special design that the pattern designers ( Wendy and George) are working on and they just emailed the first draft so I will share that once it is done. 


I have also been finding time to enjoy our last summer at the lake.